The Chair

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is an extensive, multifaceted and above all fascinating range of topics that in general describes the coexistent operation of different electric and electronic devices and systems without disturbances and failures.

All key aspects of electromagnetic compatibility are represented at the chair for EMC at the Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg in Germany. Theory and practice, teaching and research, fundamentals and industrial applications shall complement one another and lead to new solutions and innovations.

To meet these challenges well-versed and experienced researchers as well as young doctoral candidates with different educational backgrounds and occupational histories work closely together in a helpful and pleasant atmosphere. The chair is also equipped with one of the best laboratory infrastructures of all EMC chairs at German universities. The outcomes of this are the best possible conditions for successful teaching and research.

The actual field of activities at the chair for EMC is very wide. It ranges from the teaching of the fundamentals of electrical engineering for the first semester students, over standard-compliant EMC test and measurements to the comprehensive consulting of industrial partners. Other current topics of interest are the description of the stochastic electromagnetic field coupling to transmission lines, the analysis of harmonics in the mains grid or the investigation of EMC effects in magnetic resonance imaging scanners.


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